Aircondition_LG Class Reference

#include <ac_LG.h>

Public Member Functions

bool sendCommandAndParameter (char aCommand, int aParameter)
void setType (bool aIsWallType)
void printMenu (Print *aSerial)
void sendIRCommand (uint16_t aCommand)
void sendTemperatureFanSpeedAndMode ()

Public Attributes

bool ACIsWallType
bool PowerIsOn
uint8_t FanIntensity = 1
uint8_t Temperature = 22
uint8_t Mode = AC_MODE_COOLING
bool useLG2Protocol = false

Detailed Description

Definition at line 115 of file ac_LG.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ ACIsWallType

bool Aircondition_LG::ACIsWallType

Definition at line 127 of file ac_LG.h.

◆ FanIntensity

uint8_t Aircondition_LG::FanIntensity = 1

Definition at line 131 of file ac_LG.h.

◆ Mode

uint8_t Aircondition_LG::Mode = AC_MODE_COOLING

Definition at line 133 of file ac_LG.h.

◆ PowerIsOn

bool Aircondition_LG::PowerIsOn

Definition at line 128 of file ac_LG.h.

◆ Temperature

uint8_t Aircondition_LG::Temperature = 22

Definition at line 132 of file ac_LG.h.

◆ useLG2Protocol

bool Aircondition_LG::useLG2Protocol = false

Definition at line 134 of file ac_LG.h.

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