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#define BIT_READ(value, bit)   ((value) & (1UL << (bit)))
#define BIT_SET(value, bit)   ((value) |= (1UL << (bit)))
#define BIT_CLEAR(value, bit)   ((value) &= ~(1UL << (bit)))
#define BIT_WRITE(value, bit, bitvalue)   (bitvalue ? BIT_SET(value, bit) : BIT_CLEAR(value, bit))
#define digitalWriteFast   digitalWrite
#define pinModeFast   pinMode
#define digitalReadFast   digitalRead
#define digitalToggleFast(P)   digitalWrite(P, ! digitalRead(P))


void NonConstantsUsedForPinModeFast (void) __attribute__((error("Parameter for pinModeFast() function is not const ant")))
void NonConstantsUsedForDigitalWriteFast (void) __attribute__((error("Parameter for digitalWriteFast() function is not const ant")))
void NonConstantsUsedForDigitalToggleFast (void) __attribute__((error("Parameter for digitalToggleFast() function is not const ant")))
int NonConstantsUsedForDigitalReadFast (void) __attribute__((error("Parameter for digitalReadFast() function is not const ant")))

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#define BIT_CLEAR (   value,
)    ((value) &= ~(1UL << (bit)))

Definition at line 25 of file digitalWriteFast.h.


#define BIT_READ (   value,
)    ((value) & (1UL << (bit)))

Definition at line 19 of file digitalWriteFast.h.


#define BIT_SET (   value,
)    ((value) |= (1UL << (bit)))

Definition at line 22 of file digitalWriteFast.h.


#define BIT_WRITE (   value,
)    (bitvalue ? BIT_SET(value, bit) : BIT_CLEAR(value, bit))

Definition at line 28 of file digitalWriteFast.h.

◆ digitalReadFast

#define digitalReadFast   digitalRead

Definition at line 378 of file digitalWriteFast.h.

◆ digitalToggleFast

#define digitalToggleFast (   P)    digitalWrite(P, ! digitalRead(P))

Definition at line 400 of file digitalWriteFast.h.

◆ digitalWriteFast

#define digitalWriteFast   digitalWrite

Definition at line 324 of file digitalWriteFast.h.

◆ pinModeFast

#define pinModeFast   pinMode

Definition at line 356 of file digitalWriteFast.h.

Function Documentation

◆ NonConstantsUsedForDigitalReadFast()

int NonConstantsUsedForDigitalReadFast ( void  ) const

◆ NonConstantsUsedForDigitalToggleFast()

void NonConstantsUsedForDigitalToggleFast ( void  ) const

◆ NonConstantsUsedForDigitalWriteFast()

void NonConstantsUsedForDigitalWriteFast ( void  ) const

◆ NonConstantsUsedForPinModeFast()

void NonConstantsUsedForPinModeFast ( void  ) const