PulseDistanceWidthProtocolConstants Struct Reference

#include <IRProtocol.h>

Public Attributes

decode_type_t ProtocolIndex
uint_fast8_t FrequencyKHz
unsigned int HeaderMarkMicros
unsigned int HeaderSpaceMicros
unsigned int OneMarkMicros
unsigned int OneSpaceMicros
unsigned int ZeroMarkMicros
unsigned int ZeroSpaceMicros
bool isMSBFirst
bool hasStopBit
unsigned int RepeatPeriodMillis
void(* SpecialSendRepeatFunction )()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 74 of file IRProtocol.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ FrequencyKHz

uint_fast8_t PulseDistanceWidthProtocolConstants::FrequencyKHz

Definition at line 76 of file IRProtocol.h.

◆ hasStopBit

bool PulseDistanceWidthProtocolConstants::hasStopBit

Definition at line 84 of file IRProtocol.h.

◆ HeaderMarkMicros

unsigned int PulseDistanceWidthProtocolConstants::HeaderMarkMicros

Definition at line 77 of file IRProtocol.h.

◆ HeaderSpaceMicros

unsigned int PulseDistanceWidthProtocolConstants::HeaderSpaceMicros

Definition at line 78 of file IRProtocol.h.

◆ isMSBFirst

bool PulseDistanceWidthProtocolConstants::isMSBFirst

Definition at line 83 of file IRProtocol.h.

◆ OneMarkMicros

unsigned int PulseDistanceWidthProtocolConstants::OneMarkMicros

Definition at line 79 of file IRProtocol.h.

◆ OneSpaceMicros

unsigned int PulseDistanceWidthProtocolConstants::OneSpaceMicros

Definition at line 80 of file IRProtocol.h.

◆ ProtocolIndex

decode_type_t PulseDistanceWidthProtocolConstants::ProtocolIndex

Definition at line 75 of file IRProtocol.h.

◆ RepeatPeriodMillis

unsigned int PulseDistanceWidthProtocolConstants::RepeatPeriodMillis

Definition at line 85 of file IRProtocol.h.

◆ SpecialSendRepeatFunction

void(* PulseDistanceWidthProtocolConstants::SpecialSendRepeatFunction) ()

Definition at line 86 of file IRProtocol.h.

◆ ZeroMarkMicros

unsigned int PulseDistanceWidthProtocolConstants::ZeroMarkMicros

Definition at line 81 of file IRProtocol.h.

◆ ZeroSpaceMicros

unsigned int PulseDistanceWidthProtocolConstants::ZeroSpaceMicros

Definition at line 82 of file IRProtocol.h.

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