TinyIRReceiver.hpp File Reference
#include <Arduino.h>
#include "TinyIR.h"
#include "digitalWriteFast.h"
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#define IR_INPUT_PIN   2


void handleReceivedIRData (uint16_t aAddress, uint8_t aCommand, bool isRepetition)
 Declaration of the callback function provided by the user application. More...
void IRPinChangeInterruptHandler (void)
 The ISR (Interrupt Service Routine) of TinyIRRreceiver. More...
bool isTinyReceiverIdle ()
bool initPCIInterruptForTinyReceiver ()
 Sets IR_INPUT_PIN mode to INPUT, and if IR_FEEDBACK_LED_PIN is defined, sets feedback LED output mode. More...
void printTinyReceiverResultMinimal (uint8_t aAddress, uint8_t aCommand, uint8_t aFlags, Print *aSerial)
bool enablePCIInterruptForTinyReceiver ()
 Initializes hardware interrupt generation according to IR_INPUT_PIN or use attachInterrupt() function. More...
void disablePCIInterruptForTinyReceiver ()


TinyIRReceiverStruct TinyIRReceiverControl